Professional, studio recorded audio is a sure way to stand out with your video, radio, or audio stream marketing. A benefit of Upshot Studios is that we offer all components of our videos in-house.

If you’re looking to outsource various services to companies to complete a project, look no further. Upshot Studios can take care of everything, from logo designs to 3D animated films with sound FX, music, and voice acting.


We provide voice acting services for all applications. Whether you have a video created already or are looking to produce something great, we can help. Our professional voice acting services are completed locally in our private studio, providing you with the best quality product available. Changes can be made after initial recordings are done with a quick turnaround time.

Additionally, we offer portable voice recording if you’re looking to use either your own voice, or somebody you know. We can come to your office or desired location with our portable audio recording kit.

Contact us today to get started!

Our music production is all unique, original product. Are you looking to create a business theme song or background jingle that is sure to stand out? we can help.

Our professionally qualified team are able to produce sound tracks using digital, electric, and acoustic instrumentals to cater for all styles. Build your brand recognition and image with your very own theme song that you can use for all of your future marketing.

We develop your theme song alongside you, customising to suit exactly what you’re after. Contact us today to enquire about our music production services.



Are you looking to make your video or audio marketing ‘pop’? Sound effects greatly increase audience engagement and emphasise points of importance.

Our team have years of experience in sound production and sound effects. Like all of our services, we cater to what each job entails. A sound style is set for a particular brand or project to set the right image.

Our audio services are generally quoted as a combination of voice, sound effects and music.